Thursday, August 5, 2010

Take a Break

Many years ago when I was a Maitre d', Gerry Gourmlay was one of my favourite waiters. However, I'd like to tell you about the one time he made me more than a little anxious.

The dining room was packed. All the other servers were busy in their sections, but Gerry was nowhere to be found. I searched everywhere and finally discovered him, relaxed and sitting on an overturned container outside the kitchen door, savouring a cigarette.

"What's the deal Gerry!?" I asked with, I'm sure, a trace of panic in my voice.

"Jeff, everyone in my section is happy. Nobody will miss me for 5 minutes." Gerry was right. Gerry was almost always right. When we do our very best in the service of others, we both need and earn the freedom to take occasional breaks.

Slow down a bit today. Take a break. No one will miss you for a few moments.